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Frequently Asked Questions for GM Mesgen:
What's so special about your program?
What I wanted to do is to make a world class online chess program that would be great for students for a wide range of rating levels and would be as close to one on one instruction as possible. I put all my knowledge and passion into these lessons. Just to create one lesson I spend 8 hours: 2 hours research, 2 hours preparing for recording, 2 hours recording and 2 hours editing. I truly believe in my program's ability to help many people improve their chess.
What are your lessons like?
You may have seen on the home page that I've prepared a free video course for you. This course should give you a very good idea of how my lessons are structured and what makes them different. If you get a chance to take a look at these lessons, you can judge for yourself. In every lesson I try to make sure that you're not just listening but you're actively thinking and interacting with the material. I ask you to pause the video many times during the lesson and make sure you don't skip ahead. As I mentioned, I take the preparation for these lessons extremely seriously and I want to deliver the highest quality information to you.
What level of player is this program for?
This is a very good question regarding the level of my program. When I was creating my program and lectures I wanted to make sure that all of my lessons could teach any level of chess player. For example I tested my program on a 1200, it was challenging for him, but he told me that he learned a lot of new ideas. Then I tested on 1700s and it was challenging the same way and again students told me that they never learned those concepts. And finally I tested my program on 2000-2200, they were able to answer to the questions I ask, but it sure took them a good amount of time to think. Anyone in the 1200-2200 range can for sure learn new ideas every lesson.
Can I cancel any time?
My program is an ongoing monthly subscription. As I state in the video, you can absolutely cancel any time. I'm personally available by email through the support link in the membership area. All you have to do is contact me and your membership will be cancelled per your request - no questions asked.
Why did you price your program at $57/month?
The price is set at what I believe my lessons are worth and from the feedback we constantly receive, those who sign up truly appreciate it. To go a little deeper, a private lesson with a GM is $90-120/hour. For roughly half of that price you get an exclusive monthly program from a dedicated highly experienced coach that is guiding you to improve. I provide a structured lesson plan and cover topics that I know will deliver results. Obviously there are thousands of videos available all over the internet. I can't speak for any other program or videos on their ability to give you results. But I'm certain if you diligently follow my program, you will improve significantly.
What resources do you use to prepare your video lessons?
Through my professional coaching career I've gained a wealth of experience on many topics in chess. I became a Grandmaster with the help of hundreds of books, studying thousands of games and positions and following the latest opening theory. In my lessons I want to bring you the best moments I've experienced myself.  The most notable authors that I've gained knowledge from are Mark Dvoretsky, Arthur Yusupov, Vladimir Popov, Yochanan Afek and many many others. You will find some of my favorite positions from their works in my program and you will learn a lot from them as well.
Do you offer private lessons?
Yes I have over 30 private students. I also coach one of the top high schools in Illinois.  Right now I'm dedicated to this online project and I don't have available time to take on new students.
Before you learn any opening, middlegame, or endgame you need to learn the most important concept - The Process of Thinking. In fact, in my full program I dedicate the entire first month to this concept. This lesson is a great introduction to what you need to be thinking about.
The Process of Elimination helps you quickly establish your candidate moves and avoid  calculating useless lines. According to Mark Dvoretsky, "When selecting a correct move, the ability to avoid calculating unessential variations is as important as the ability to calculate deeply and accurately. In other words, we have to try to think economically and rationally."
This endgame position was taken from my own game so you will get to know me a little better. It is designed to help you make the right decisions in the endgame and understand what questions you should ask yourself when such positions occur.
Do you know how awesome our app is? We will tell you all about us below...
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