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Who is GM Mesgen and What Is This Program About:
"Hi, I'm Grandmaster Mesgen Amanov and for the last 12 years I've been a professional chess player and coach. Over that time, I've helped hundreds of students significantly improve their chess. Many of them became experts and masters. 

4 years ago I founded the Mesgen Amanov Chess Academy and invited the best US Grandmasters to work with me. Every other week our chess academy hosts intense 6-hour live seminars. Through my own coaching experience and while working with these top GMs, I've developed the optimal program which I'm certain will help you improve your chess.

If it was possible, I would be happy for all of you to get live one-on-one lessons with me in order to help you reach your highest potential in chess. What I've done for you is I've created an absolutely FREE video course that will introduce you to my teaching style and will give you some great value that will immediately improve your knowledge and understanding of how to work on chess."
GM Mesgen Amanov
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What's Included in the FREE Video Course:
Before you learn any opening, middlegame, or endgame you need to learn the most important concept - The Process of Thinking. In fact, in my full program I dedicate the entire first month to this concept. This lesson is a great introduction to what you need to be thinking about.
In some situations when under time pressure you have more than two or three moves, you can't establish which one is best, but you certainly can establish which is not the best by eliminating candidate moves with short calculation. After that you arrive to the moment when you have two choices and then you apply deeper calculation to establish the best move!
This endgame position was taken from my own game so you will get to know me a little better. It is designed to help you make the right decisions in the endgame and understand what questions you should ask yourself when such positions occur.
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